About us
cybfed is a social network based on users' gaming interests. It provides an opportunity to meet, compete, and make friends with people who are interested in the same games. One of the main advantages of cybfed is the dynamic model for organizing contests and an artificial intelligence model that can understand who won the game from live video.
cybfed users have the opportunity to make friends, write memes, write comments, share experiences, organize tournaments, participate in tournaments, challenge memes in the game of their choice.
Our goal is to create a unified social platform for eSports enthusiasts.
The system has an internal gaming unit that allows participants to pay for internal services and benefits.
The system also includes prize-winning tournaments based on the abilities of the participants, which according to the Law "ON THE REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA ON GAMES WITH WINNING, GAMES WITH WINNING AND GAMES ON THE REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA" (Law of RA 13.12.2003 N HO-1-N) of the first chapter, first article, point 3: does not require a license and does not contradict RA laws.

Acceptance of payments
Every adult over the age of 18 has the right to use the system.
Game units are sold in multiple packs. Packages can be purchased both through online card payment, idram, skrill, qiwi, Telcell e-mail. through wallets and terminals. Acquired game points can be used to buy a course from another participant, to participate in online voting, to participate in contests, to disable advertisements on the website, to make purchases from the online e-sports store on the website, to purchase virtual items.

Refund Policy
If a customer has purchased a game points package and then requests a refund, cybfed will verify within 3 business days if the user has not used the points, then refund the customer. If the customer has already used the coupon, there will be no refund.
In any other problematic situation, the problem is solved according to RA laws.